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Different Types of Pediatricians?

We most commonly hear about general pediatricians who take care of the primary health needs of your child. They are doctors who take care of a child’s health from birth but for special conditions, they might refer your child to a specialist. Some of them are experts in child psychology. They understand every aspect of … Continue reading “Different Types of Pediatricians?”

Effective ways for Losing Face Fat

Who does not love slim looking face and a jawline? However, these two attributes cannot come out as a result if you have excessive face fat. Therefore, you need to work on losing face fat if you wish to have a slim look. Find below a few tips that can help you lose body fat, … Continue reading “Effective ways for Losing Face Fat”

Chocolate for weight loss

Who doesn’t love chocolate? But when chocolate becomes a cause for weight gain it has to be avoided. However, you’ll be surprised to know that even chocolate can reduce weight. Dark chocolate taken in moderate quantity can be one of the measures for weight loss. How can you use dark chocolate for weight loss? Dark … Continue reading “Chocolate for weight loss”

Common Causes of Leg Pain

We’ve all felt pain in our legs at one time or another. This is probably because the legs see more action than nearly all the other body parts. Alternatively, leg pain is sometimes indicative of a more serious condition (like arthritis or diabetes). While some leg pain will resolve within minutes, others may require medical … Continue reading “Common Causes of Leg Pain”

3 Reasons Why the A1C Test is Important

The A1C test is used to diagnose type I and type II diabetes. After diagnosis, it is used to monitor how well diabetes is being managed in a patient. The test shows the average level of your blood sugar over the past 2/3 months, and the higher your A1C level, the higher the chances of … Continue reading “3 Reasons Why the A1C Test is Important”

10 Unusual Facts About Heart Disease

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. It is also one of the most interesting. Here are ten unusual facts about the heart and heart disease: More heart attacks are recorded on Monday mornings than at any other time of the week. People are likelier to have heart attacks on … Continue reading “10 Unusual Facts About Heart Disease”

Cause of Lung Diseases Prevalent in Women

Respiratory diseases are the fifth most dangerous health condition in the US, with millions of fatalities recorded over the past few years. While both men and women are susceptible to these diseases, certain factors make it so that some pulmonary conditions appear exclusively (or predominantly) in women. Some of them and their major causes are … Continue reading “Cause of Lung Diseases Prevalent in Women”

5 Questions You Should be Asking About Your Blood Pressure

Over 100 million Americans, almost half of the population, suffer from high blood pressure, with many of them not even aware that they have the condition. Unfortunately, high blood pressure (hypertension) is quite deadly and it is the primary—or contributing—cause of over 1,000 deaths per day in the United States. In light of this, here … Continue reading “5 Questions You Should be Asking About Your Blood Pressure”

5 Natural Ways to Lose Weight

There are hundreds of articles on the internet outlining quick and easy ways to lose weight, but anyone that has struggled with obesity will tell you there are no quick or easy ways to lose weight. However, there are a couple of lifestyle tweaks that—when combined with other weight-loss techniques—can help you lose excess weight … Continue reading “5 Natural Ways to Lose Weight”

Common Thyroid Problems and Their Symptoms

The thyroid is a gland situated under Adam’s apple at the base of the neck. A healthy thyroid is small and invisible and it produces hormones that regulate metabolism. The thyroid gets enlarged when there is an underlying condition, causing some discomfort while breathing and swallowing. Nearly 15 million Americans have an undiagnosed thyroid condition. … Continue reading “Common Thyroid Problems and Their Symptoms”

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