5 Signs That You May Have High Blood Pressure

According to the CDC, ~29% of Americans—i.e. 1 out of every 3 people—are suffering from high blood pressure (a.k.a. hypertension). What this means is: even if you do not have high blood pressure, you definitely know someone that does. To make matters worse, because its symptoms are not clearly noticeable, almost half of the people that have this condition do not even know that they have it. When untreated, high blood pressure may lead to stroke, kidney failure, or a heart attack.

The aim here is to outline signs that will help you figure out quickly if you (or a loved one) have high blood pressure. It is important to note, however, that you may have the condition and not notice any of the signs below. Also, the presence of one of the following does not necessarily indicate that you have hypertension.

  1. Chest pains and breathing difficulty
    If you are experiencing severe chest pains and finding it difficult to breathe, you need to visit a doctor. Even if you are not hypertensive, you need medical attention. Be sure to have your blood pressure checked while at the doctor’s, though.
  2. Bloody urine
  3. Spots of blood in your urine may mean a lot of things. None of them are good; visit a doctor.

  4. Dizziness or fatigue
  5. Perhaps the symptom most associated with hypertension. If you have had a stressful day on an empty stomach, that may be the reason. If there is a history of high blood pressure in your family, however, you should definitely go for a medical checkup.

  6. Severe headache
    Headaches may be indicative of many things. Why self-medicate when you can visit a doctor and get professional treatment?
  7. A flushed face
    When the blood vessels in the face dilate, it may cause it to flush. This may be caused by exercise, emotional stress, heat, or alcohol; all of these can temporarily raise your blood pressure. If the symptoms persist, please visit a doctor.

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