Different Types of Pediatricians?

We most commonly hear about general pediatricians who take care of the primary health needs of your child. They are doctors who take care of a child’s health from birth but for special conditions, they might refer your child to a specialist.

Some of them are experts in child psychology. They understand every aspect of your child’s behavior. If you ever notice a change in your child’s behavior, whether it’s at school or home, do not ignore it. In fact, consult a doctor to keep things under control.

Some other types of pediatricians who are experts in specific areas are mentioned below.


They take care of your child if he or she is facing any heart disease. Heart diseases may develop over time or are present at the time of birth. In addition, they provide treatments that help to manage diseases caused by obesity

Adolescent Specialist

Adolescence is a phase of transformation from childhood to adulthood. As a result, children of this age group face many physical, emotional, and behavioral changes. Stress, mood swings, and frustration are the most common issues. These doctors are trained to understand the mental conditions of this age bracket.

Critical Care Specialist

These types of doctors handle children who are in critical condition due to severe accidents or illnesses. They work inside a hospital and take care of children who are in the ICU. In addition, they also treat children with heart and lung diseases and provide therapies to children with trauma.

Every child is unique and is different from an adult; therefore, their health needs are also different. Seeking a child specialist would help in treating the child as per the exact needs. If you wish to know which type of pediatrician your child needs, call Shalom Medical Center on 409.554.8060 and book an appointment with us.

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