Common Causes of Leg Pain

We’ve all felt pain in our legs at one time or another. This is probably because the legs see more action than nearly all the other body parts. Alternatively, leg pain is sometimes indicative of a more serious condition (like arthritis or diabetes). While some leg pain will resolve within minutes, others may require medical treatment.
In this post, we highlight some common types of leg pain, their causes, and how to treat them.

1. Muscle Cramp

A muscle cramp is a tight and intense pain that mostly affects the muscle at the back of your leg (below the knee). Common causes include tired muscles and dehydration, and a light massage is often enough to resolve the pain. If you suffer from muscle cramps constantly, drink more water and stretch your legs before exertion.

2. Ankle Pain

This presents as pain around your Achilles tendon, and it is caused by overworking the calf muscles. Also known as tendinitis, this condition may cause the tendon to swell, stretch, or tear. If the tendon is swollen, some ice and painkillers should bring some relief. If the pain persists, however, you may have torn your Achilles tendon and you may require medical care.

3. Joint Pain

This is an early symptom of arthritis, a disorder characterized by joint inflammation. Arthritis may be caused by bacterial/viral infection, genetic factors, metabolic anomalies, or autoimmune problems. The condition affects everybody, young and old; and it requires professional medical care.

4. Diabetic Neuropathy

High blood sugar levels in diabetics often cause them to suffer nerve damage. This may lead to cramps/sharp pains in the lower legs or numbness/loss of sensation. The symptoms improve with better diabetes management and lower sugar levels.

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